DXN Product List with Price (2024 PDF Included)

Are you curious about DXN and its health wonders? You have come to the right place. Read this ultimate guide to the DXN 2024 product lineup, complete with prices and a helpful PDF download. 

In this article, we will provide the DXN product list with prices. Also, we will provide you with the PDF file so that you can download it for later use.

DXN Product List with Price
DXN Product List with Price

What is a DXN product?

First things first, what exactly is a DXN product? DXN stands out as a leading Malaysian company celebrated for its health and wellness products, prominently featuring the powerful Ganoderma mushroom, also known as Lingzhi. The product range covers various categories, including:

  • Health Supplements: Potent mushroom extracts, multivitamins, mineral blends, and herbal capsules, all aimed at enhancing your overall well-being.
  • Food and Beverages: Indulge in coffee infused with Ganoderma or opt for spirulina-enriched noodlesβ€”DXN offers unique and healthy alternatives for your daily intake.
  • Personal Care: Treat yourself to naturally derived toothpaste, soaps, and skincare products.
  • Household Essentials: Extend DXN’s health focus to your home with air purifiers and water treatment systems, promising a healthier living environment.
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DXN Product List With Price

Now, let’s dive into specifics, exploring DXN’s product availability and prices in key regions:


As the birthplace of DXN, Malaysia boasts the most extensive product list. Prices range from around RM10 (about USD2.40) for simple supplements like Spirulina tablets to RM300 (USD72) for premium products like Cordyceps coffee packages. Dive into the official 2024 DXN Malaysia product list with prices.

Product NamePrice (RM)
Organic Spirulina Tablets (250Mg)142.00
Potenzhi-9090 Capsules X 370189.00
Lingzhi Coffee S / Lingzhi29.90
Gano Massage Oil 75Gml29.80
Morinzhi285 Ml / Bottle(3 Botel)120.00
Rg And Gl Combo 360 Capsule With Free Gift759.90
Drink Cocozhi – 20-Sachets x 32g with free gift39.00
Potenzhi 90 Capsule… Spirulina 120245.00
Gempyuri Skincare Set (Korea Series)310.00
Jamu Montok Payudara, Jamu Montok Ketat Miss V +34.50
Cordyceps Tablet125.00
Lion’S Mane Tablet 120’S 120 Tablets X 30097.00
Reishilium Powder199.00
Lingzhi 3 In 1 Lite With Free32.50
Ganozhi Toothpaste (75G/Tube)75 G / Tube11.50
Pc008Fresh Perfume (Male)50103.00
Rg Gl Combo Set 90+90 Capsule Per Bottle215.90
Gl 360 Capsul With Free Gift312.40
Mycovita 30 Sachets X 241,699.00
Ganozhi Toothapste Plus (150 Gram)With Free17.99
Morinzhi285 Ml / Bottle44.00
Ganozhi Toothpaste17.99
Mycovita30 Sachets X 241,350.00
Gano Massage Oil (75Ml) Minyak Gosok30.99
Fb004 Lingzhi Coffee 2 In 120 Sachets X 1138.80
Bee Pollen Tablet 300’S300 Tablets&Tablet 120166.60
Spirulina Tablet 500S500 Tablets X 250198.00
Lingzhi Black Coffee 2 In 1 Box 20 Sachets Γ—4.5G36.90
Zextra Sure Milk Form100.00
Ganozhi Plus Toothpaste21.10
Garcinia 350Mg Capsule 360’S 290Gm199.00
Lingzhi Coffee 2 In 1—20 Sachets X 11 G(3 Box)90.00
10 Box Lion’S Mane Oolong Tea 32 Sachets Each99.90
Rg-360 360 Capsules X 270 Mg379.05
Ganozhi Plus Toothpaste150G(10 Pieces)180.50
Cocozhi Coffee With Free38.50
Gegen Plus Capsule95.00
Gempyuri Skincare Set (Korea Series)310.10
Morinzyme285 Ml / Bottle43.00
Ganozhi Toothpaste (75G/Tube)10 Pieces100.00
Cordyceps Coffee 3 In 1–21 G X 20 Sachets(3Packet)95.00
Spirulina Cereal – Bag30 Sachets X 3067.00
Spirulina( 120 Tablets X 250 Mg )( 500Tablets X175.50
Spirulina Tablet 120’S 120 Tablets X 25057.00
Ganozhi Toothpaste19.50
Dietary Fiber138.00
Gano Massage Oil75 Ml(4 Botel)95.00
Spirulina ( Tablets & Capsules )189.00
Potenzhi 90205.90
Ganozhiβ„’ Complete Skin Care Series143.00
Morinzyme 285Ml X 6285 Ml X 6 Btl( Fb087)230.00
Fb150 Civattino Coffee 200G / Bottle288.00
Spirulina Capsule (30S) 30 Capsules X 35020.00
Special Combo Promotion 12 January 2024-30Th June639.90
Spirulina Tablet 500S 500 Tablets X 250189.05
Potenzhi 90 Pic Capsule… Spirulina Tablet 120 Pic255.80
Roselle Juice50Ml ( Fb304)150.00
Zhi Mocha With Free Gift34.90
6 Box Clearance Sale Oocha Premix Tea Ganoderma99.70
Ganozhi Toothpaste150 G18.00
Rg And Gl 30 Capsule With Free Gift70.50
Spirulina Tablet 120’S120 Tablets X 25057.00
Eucafe20Packs X 14G36.50
Roselle Tablet 120’S 120 Tablets X 30044.00
Fb150 Civattino Coffee 200G200G / Bottle200.00
Chinese New Year ( 2024 ) Promotion548.80
Roselle Juice150Ml(Fb304)38.00
Pc045_ZhimekoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 50 Capsules Per Box45.00
DXN Products Price List Malaysia

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With DXN’s popularity soaring in India, their product range reflects the growing demand. Find favorites like Ganoderma toothpaste (starting at around INR150 or USD1.80) and unique offerings like Lingzhi coffee mix (around INR300 or USD3.60). Download the latest DXN India product list with prices for 2024.


DXN’s presence is steadily growing in Bangladesh, offering core products like Ganoderma capsules (starting at around BDT250 or USD3) and coffee mixes (around BDT350 or USD4). Access the official 2024 DXN Bangladesh product list with prices.

Product NamePrice (৳)
Allover Bathing Beauty Bar185.00
DXN Reishi Gano Tea400.00
Dxn Cocozhi2,600.00
DXN Lemonzhi1,600.00
DXN Cordyceps Tablets (1 Bottle)5,500.00
DXN Cordyceps Cereal4,000.00
DXN Morinzhi Juice (700ml)2,900.00
DXN Mycoveggie5,300.00
REISHI GANO+GANOCELIUM(RG+GL) Powder 50gm+80gm6,500.00
DXN Rg Gl Capsule (Reishigano+Ganocelium) Mushroom3,900.00
DXN Ganozhi Shampoo 250ml950.00
DXN Vita Cafe1,700.00
DXN Aloe. V Facial Scrub900.00
DXN Aloe.V Hand & Body Lotion800.00
Dxn Aloe.V Cleansing Gel726.75
DXN Gano Massage Oil745.00
DXN Spirulina – Tablets1,585.00
DXN White Coffee Zhino1,400.00
Dxn Ganozhi Plus Toothpaste650.00
DXN Lingzhi 3 in 1 Coffee2,000.00
Dxn Lingzhi Black Coffee 2 in 11,400.00
DXN Cordyceps Coffee1,525.00
DXN Spirulina Cereal3,400.00
DXN Ganozhi Soap300.00
DXN Product Price List Bangladesh

DXN Products Online Price: Finding Your Optimal Value

When it comes to DXN product prices, the online world is your dynamic marketplace. While official lists give guidance, online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ubuy offer a wide range of competitive deals. Keep in mind that prices may vary due to seller markup, location, and promotions. Always compare prices and choose authorized DXN distributors for genuine products and peace of mind.

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DXN Product Catalog PDF Download: Your Knowledge Powerhouse

For those who love having information at their fingertips, DXN’s official PDF catalogs are your go-to resource. These documents showcase the entire product range, including detailed descriptions and regional price lists. Scroll up and download your desired product catalog by clicking the download button above.

Is the DXN Product Good? Unveiling the Effectiveness

Do DXN products live up to the hype? It depends on your needs. While their Ganoderma-based products have potential health benefits, results vary. DXN products are supplements, not magic. Be cautiously optimistic, research items, check ingredients, and consult a healthcare professional if needed. Customer reviews and independent research can guide your decision.

How to Buy DXN Products: Opening the Door to Wellness

Getting DXN products is easy:

  • Official Channels: Visit the DXN website for your country, explore the online store, and order directly. Some countries offer subscriptions for regular users.
  • Distributors and Marketplaces: Connect with local DXN distributors listed on the official website or check online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ubuy. Verify seller authenticity before buying.
  • Events and Expos: DXN participates in health events worldwide. Attend expos to experience products, interact with reps, and get exclusive deals.

How to Sell DXN Products: Becoming a Wellness Ambassador

Are you passionate about DXN? Consider becoming a distributor. DXN uses a multi-level marketing model, allowing you to build a team and earn income. Before diving in, understand the model, commit to ethical practices, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Success lies in building a solid network and sharing valuable knowledge about DXN products.

Becoming a DXN distributor is a journey that requires dedication and ongoing learning. The rewards, both financial and personal, can be significant. Take your time to weigh the options, and if you decide to become a wellness ambassador, do it with passion and integrity.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the DXN product list with price. Also, we have provided the PDF file to download. Download the DXN product list with a price PDF file on your device and read it anytime you want. If you like this article, remember to share it with others.

Affiliate Disclosure: DXNe.world may contain affiliate links, meaning we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through our links. This comes at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products and services that we trust and believe will add value to your wellness journey. Thank you for supporting DXNe.world!

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