Carrot and Stick Skincare Reviews: Before and After, Dermatologist

Embark on a skincare journey with Carrot and Stick! Would this botanical blend live up to its promises? Join us for a deep dive into wrinkles, reviews, and the ins and outs of this trendy brand. Uncover the facts and decode the carrot-and-stick theory to make an informed decision about your skincare routine.

Is Carrot and Stick Skincare Good?

Carrot and Stick Skincare beckons with promises of radiant, wrinkle-free skin through plant-powered activities and science-backed formulas. Our exploration delves into the buzz, tapping into the latest reviews, examining ingredients, and consulting experts to unveil the truth.

Carrot and Stick Reviews for Wrinkles

The wrinkle verdict is a mix of cheers and considerations. Users, especially those with mild lines, share tales of visibly smoother, brighter skin with consistent use. Products like The Phantasm (serum) and The Take a Hint (eye cream), armed with retinol, AHAs, and antioxidants, work magic for some. Yet, deeper wrinkles might call for more clinical-grade alternatives.

Carrot and Stick Skincare Reviews
Carrot and Stick Skincare Reviews

Does Carrot and Stick Skincare Work?

Results hinge on your skin’s needs and expectations.


  • Packed with botanical extracts, vitamins, and peptides, Carrot and Stick offers gentle yet effective exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant protection.
  • Many users report brighter, smoother skin with improved texture.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.


  • While ingredients show promise, long-term studies on wrinkle efficacy are still being determined.
  • Carrot and Stick comes with a premium price tag compared to drugstore options.
  • Some users experience dryness or irritation. Patch testing is advised.


Carrot and Stick Skincare holds potential for mild wrinkles and enhanced skin health, though it’s not a miracle for deep lines. Its natural ingredients, and science-backed approach resonates with many but weigh the cost and potential for irritation—research specific products, consider your needs, and patch test before taking the plunge.

Before deciding, consulting a dermatologist for personalized advice is wise.

Remember, a consistent routine is vital to seeing results. Stick with it, heed your skin’s signals, and Carrot and Stick might unveil a healthier glow.

Carrot and Stick Skincare Reviews Dermatologist

Discovering the dermatologist’s take on Carrot and Stick Skincare unveils valuable insights. Dermatologists applaud the brand’s clean formulations, particularly suitable for acne-prone skin, focusing on antioxidants and gentle exfoliation. While some report visible improvements, concerns arise from limited studies and potential irritation, prompting caution. Dermatologists suggest patch testing and gradual use, advising consultation for personalized guidance.

Where to Buy Carrot and Stick Skincare?

With pros and cons, the allure of Carrot and Stick might have you ready to shop. Navigate the retail scene with this guide:


  • Official Website: Access the entire range, exclusive bundles, and new launches with perks like free shipping and samples.
  • Beauty Retailers: Sephora, Nordstrom, and Ulta Beauty offer a curated selection alongside other favorite brands online.
  • Subscription Boxes: BoxyCharm and FabFitFun occasionally feature Carrot and Stick products, allowing trial before commitment.


  • Select Beauty Stores: High-end department stores and independent boutiques might carry a limited selection. Call ahead to confirm.

Where to Buy Carrot and Stick Skincare in Canada and NZ

For Canadian and Kiwi enthusiasts, rejoice! Carrot and Stick Skincare spreads its wings globally:


  • Sephora Canada: Find various popular products online, catering to Canadian beauty enthusiasts.
  • This Canadian online retailer offers competitive prices and promotions on Carrot and Stick products.
  • Lookfantastic Canada: Another online haven with a selection of the brand’s products.

New Zealand:

  • Beautylish: It ships to New Zealand, providing a good selection of carrot and stick products.
  • Adore Beauty: This Australian beauty powerhouse also boats to New Zealand with a curated selection.
  • Direct Import: Kiwis can import directly from the official website, though consider shipping costs and potential fees.

Is Carrot and Stick Good for Mature Skin?

With its potent ingredients, mature skin deserves special care, and Carrot and Stick may offer a solution. Break it down:


  • The Moisturizer and The Anti-Aging Serum deliver essential moisture with hyaluronic acid, plant oils, and glycerin.
  • The Phantasm serum’s AHAs and The Take a Hint eye cream’s lactic acid tackle mild age spots without harsh scrubbing.
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants combat free radicals, producing a healthy glow.


  • Carrot and Stick’s encapsulated retinol is gentle, but mature skin may still be sensitive. Remember sunscreen!
  • Studies for mature skin effectiveness are scarce. Consult a dermatologist for personalized advice.
  • Products are pricey compared to drugstore options. Weigh the cost against potential benefits.

Carrot and Stick can be a good option for gentle hydration, mild exfoliation, and antioxidant protection for mature skin. Consult a dermatologist for personalized advice.

Carrot and Stick Skincare Reviews from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports gives a nuanced take on Carrot and Stick:


  • The Phantasm Serum: Praised for a lightweight texture and potential to smooth skin and reduce fine lines.
  • The Moisturizer: Appreciated for hydration without a greasy feel.


  • Price Point and Lack of Studies: Mentioned as areas of concern.


Consumer Reports recommends trying samples before committing and emphasizes individual skin needs. Check online marketplaces for gently used products.

Before and After: A Glimpse into Carrot and Stick’s Magic (and Not-So-Magic)

Transformative before-and-after photos are part of Carrot and Stick’s allure, but can you trust them?

The Reality:

  • Lighting and Angles: Photos can be deceiving due to lighting and camera angles.
  • Individual Results: Skincare reactions vary; advertised results might not be universal.
  • Time is Key: Changes take weeks or months to notice.

A Balanced Approach:

Instead of relying solely on photos:

  • Read In-Depth Reviews: Look for detailed written experiences, positive and negative.
  • Check Social Media: Browse platforms for real-life user experiences.
  • Patch Testing: Assessing skin reactions before committing to a whole routine is crucial.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s discuss some of the commonly asked questions and their answers:

Who Owns Carrot and Stick Skincare?

Carrot and Stick Skincare is owned by CEO Carol Bennett and President Jonathan Rosenblum, who founded the brand in 2019. They actively lead and hold ownership positions within the company, steering its direction and development.

What is the Criticism of Carrot and Stick Theory?

Critics say the Carrot and Stick theory oversimplifies things by ignoring individual motivations and context. Relying too much on rewards or punishments can be seen as unethical, potentially manipulating behavior. Moreover, the approach may undermine intrinsic motivation and create dependence, raising concerns about its long-term effects.

What is the Carrot and Stick Dilemma?

The Carrot and Stick Dilemma involves effectively balancing positive and negative incentives to achieve desired outcomes without unintentionally causing problems. It’s about finding the right mix of rewards and punishments to motivate without unintended consequences.

What is the Carrot and Stick Rule?

In finance, the Carrot and Stick Rule states that regulations should encourage compliance (carrots) while also penalizing non-compliance (sticks). This dual approach aims to maintain order and fairness within the financial system.

What are the Advantages of the carrot-and-stick approach?

The Carrot and Stick approach offers advantages such as increased motivation and performance, clear expectations with consequences, and effectiveness for achieving short-term goals and compliance. However, it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks and long-term impacts.

What is the Carrot and the Stick Budget?

The Carrot and Stick Budget is a financial strategy where fixed expenses (“sticks”) and flexible spending (“carrots”) are allocated to manage finances effectively. It involves balancing essential and discretionary spending to maintain financial stability.

What is the carrot-and-stick approach for Parents?

For parents, the Carrot and Stick approach involves using a mix of rewards and consequences (both positive and negative) to guide children’s behavior and promote learning. Striking a balanced, age-appropriate, and positive reinforcement-focused approach is crucial for its success in parenting.

Final Thoughts

Carrot and Stick’s blend of plant power and science sounds promising in the skincare world, but figuring out the truth from the buzz can be a challenge. Whether you’re after smoother skin, a brighter glow, or just curious about the brand, this journey we took together hopefully brought some clarity.


  • If you’re dealing with mild wrinkles and want a gentle touch, Carrot and Stick might be your “carrot.”
  • Consider exploring more robust options for deeper wrinkles – the skincare “sticks” that pack a punch.
  • If your skin has seen a few more birthdays, focus on staying hydrated, gently exfoliating, and protecting with antioxidants. But always check with a dermatologist for personalized advice.
  • Are you thinking about the price? Consider what you’re getting for what you’re paying, and look into more affordable options.
  • Before falling for those before-and-after photos, be smart: read reviews, do a patch test, and be sure the product suits your skin.

In the end, the choice is yours. Pay attention to your skin, do your homework, and keep a healthy dose of skepticism about marketing promises. Whether you stick with Carrot and Stick or go a different way, the journey to radiant skin starts with making wise choices and enjoying the adventure of skincare.

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