Eve Gilles, 20, from Nord-Pas-de-Calais, crowned Miss France with a pixie cut.

Historic moment as the first time in the pageant's 103-year history with a short-haired winner.

Backlash on social media due to her 'androgynous' look, labeled as "woke ideology."

Gilles ranked third in the public vote but claimed the crown with jury support.

Crowning ceremony held on December 16, breaking the conventional long-hair beauty norm.

Gilles faced Instagram harassment with thousands of negative comments.

People criticize the decision, calling it an attempt to force masculine-looking women.

Gilles acknowledges her hair makes a statement, aiming to redefine beauty standards.

The winner defends women's diversity, saying beauty isn't limited to haircut or shapes.

Gilles aspires to break societal codes and show that women can be diverse.

Positive comments flood in, urging people to stop judgment and let her enjoy her victory.

With 7.5 million TV viewers, Miss France Eve Gilles becomes a symbol of evolving beauty norms.